• Working Together

    To Build A Strong Western Slope and Central Colorado

    This is what I live by and believe. Join me in my campaign for Colorado State Senate in 2014.

  • Strong Roots

    A Colorado Native

    I've been in this area my entire life. It is part of my heart and soul. I will continue to fight for this land and the people who live here if I am your State Senator.

How I’ll Work for You

I’m a Colorado Native. The values and the culture of the state, especially the western slope and central Colorado, run through my veins. I value the natural surroundings. I believe in informed decision-making that is respectful and attentive. I think that knowing the history of an area when we discuss the future is critical and results in better decisions. My parents taught me that your actions better create a legacy worthy of your last name. They raised me with a strong sense of community and a value of service. I also am a problem solver. Be it building a fence through tough terrain or discussing issues around a coffee table, it can be bruising to find solutions but I believe there is always a way through.

I look forward to learning more about all the communities tucked into Senate District 5.

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