Introduced Legislation for the 2017 Legislative Session:

  • This bill would help coordinate economic assistance for rural communities experiencing certain significant economic events that have led to substantial job loss in those communities, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the department of local affairs to coordinate non-monetary assistance and award grant money to assist rural communities with job creation or retention.

SB17-042 – Repeal Local Government Internet Service Voter Approval

  • This bill would expedite rural broadband deployment by repealing current restrictions on the ability of a local government to provide certain electronic communications services.
  • This bill would allow for a transfer of funds in order to construct broadband infrastructure in rural Colorado.
  • This bill would require a health insurance carrier to offer a catastrophic plan in certain geographic rating areas.
  • This bill would form a group to study the use of industrial hemp in products designed for consumption.
  • This bill would add and extension of the agricultural water leasing pilot program administered by the Colorado water conservation board.
  • This bill would create an exception to the requirement that certain medical professionals report to law enforcement concerning injuries resulting from domestic violence.
  • This bill would renew and expand a tax check off to benefit wildlife.
  • This bill would  rename Delta-Montrose technical college to technical college of the Rockies.

HB17-1269 Repeal Prohibition Of Wage Sharing Information

  • This bill would prohibit employers from seeking salary history of a job applicant while including exemptions for employers offering salary range positions.
  • This bill would provide an exception to the requirement that certain medical professionals report to law enforcement concerning injuries resulting from domestic violence.
Introduced Legislation for the 2016 Legislative Session:

SB16-021 Public Lands Day

  • This bill designates the third Saturday of May as “Public Lands Day” to recognize the significant contributions that national public lands within Colorado make to wildlife, recreation, the economy and to the quality of life for the citizens of Colorado.


SB16-068 Fluorescent Pink Hunting Attire

  • This bill allows hunters in Colorado to wear fluorescent pink hunting garments along with the currently required “blaze orange” hunting wear.


SB16-081 Rural Economic Emergency Assistance Grant Program

  • This bill would create a needed emergency assistance program to rural economies which are struggling due to job losses.


SB16-145 Colorado River District Subdistrict Formation

  • This bill would create an updated mechanism for creating a subdistrict of the Colorado river water conservation district.


SB16-136 Broadband Deployment

  •  This bill would allow for new businesses to enter rural communities, schools to have the same capabilities as urban areas and hospitals to meet ACA requirements.


HB16-1030 Off-highway Vehicles Regulation & Local Government

  • This bill would give control to local authorities by allowing local governments to require drivers’ licenses and liability insurance for Off-Highway Vehicles.


HB16-1039 Interstate 70 Motor Vehicle Traction Equipment

  • This bill would enable state patrol to require all-weather tires or chains in adverse winter conditions.


HB16-1067 Regional Transportation Authority Mill Levy

  • This bill would allow local governments to approve funding for transportation in their communities.


HB16-1083 Western State Colorado University Role And Mission

  • This bill would modify the admission standards for Western State Colorado University and creates a broader degree program.


HB16-1109 Application Of State Water Law To Federal Agencies

  • This bill clarifies that federal water rights need to adhere to state laws.


HB16-1156 Extend Pay Transparency Protection All Employees

  • This bill would provide protection from discrimination against employees for sharing individual wage information.


HB16-1166 Prohibit Seeking Salary History For Job Applicants

  • This bill would prohibit employers from seeking salary history of a job applicant while including exemptions for employers offering salary range positions.


HB16-1167 Colorado Family First Employer Act

  • This bill would create a program that designates Colorado employers that meet certain family-friendly criteria as Colorado “Family First” Employers.


HB16-1228 Ag Protection Water Right Transfer Mechanism

  • This bill would allow for an owner of an agricultural water right to seek a change-in-use decree in water court to allow the transfer of up to 50% of the water subject to the water right to any beneficial use for renewable one-year periods.


HB16-1259 Changes To Local District College Statutes

  • This bill expands participation on boards for local district colleges and drops the term “junior” from the existing name “local district junior college”.


HB16-1275 Taxation Of Corp Income Sheltered In Tax Haven

  • This bill would close off-shore tax loopholes of corporations to aid in funding education.

HB16-1276 Conduct Emergency Responses At Legacy Mining Sites

  • The bill would authorize use of the emergency response cash fund to conduct emergency responses when circumstances at a legacy mine site create danger to public health, welfare or the environment.

HB16-1292 Income Tax Credit For Sandwich Generation

  • The bill creates a refundable income tax credit for middle-and low-income taxpayers who claim exemptions for dependents (children and qualifying elderly relatives) on their federal income tax.


HB16-1322 Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply

  • This bill requires that health benefit plans cover the full year prescribed.


HB16-1336 Study Single Geographic Area Individual Health Plans

  • The bill studies the impacts and viability of creating a single geographic rating area, consisting of the entire state, for purposes of determining premium rates for individual health benefit plans. This is in response to the rising cost of health care in the mountain regions of SD5.


HB16-1403 Colorado Secure Savings Plan

  • This bill would establish the Colorado secure savings plan for private-sector employees in the form of automatic payroll deductions for retirement plans.

HB16-1313 Auth Local Gov Master Plan Include Water Plan Goal

  • This bill would have given local governments the authority to implement water plan goals that work for their community.

HB16-1300 Mail Ballot Return Options Requirements & Procedures

  • This bill would have increased the number of ballot drop-box locations throughout the state and also allow for ballots to be returned without postage.

Legislation Introduced During the 2015 Legislative Session:

SB15-036 Rural Economic Emergency Grant Program

  • This bill would create a grant program designed to react and quickly provide relief when economic emergencies affect rural communities, ensuring those residents can remain within those communities.


SB15-054 Fifth-Day Free and Reduced Lunch for Students in Schools on Four-Day/Week Schedule

  • This bill would ensure that students receive a healthy boxed lunch for the fifth day of the week that they are not in school.


SB15-063 Alternative Energy for Schools

  • SB15-063 would create a grant program designed to allow public schools and community colleges to build renewable energy projects to educate students and provide energy for the schools. This is an expansion of the Wind for Schools program.


SB15-138 ASCENT Program Funding Fix

  • ASCENT is a highly successful program that allows for high school students to attend a 5th year of high school while concurrently enrolling in their local community college and earning college credit. SB15-138 would fix the funding schedule for the program, allowing ASCENT funds to be used at any time during the school year and making the program work for students. This bill passed unanimously in the Senate.


HB15-1102 – Cottage Foods Act Expansion

  • This bill would expand the Cottage Food Act to allow individuals to sell a greater range of homemade products including fruit empanadas, tortillas, and flour.


HB15-1177 – Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program

  • This bill would extend the Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Grant Program and help distressed rural counties recover from economic hardship.


HB15-1225 – Federal Land Coordination

  • This bill would provide technical and financial support to local governments that are affected by Federal land management agencies, encouraging more effective cooperation between municipalities, counties, State and Federal agencies.


HB15-1271 – Mobile Learning Labs

  • This would open a funding source for mobile learning labs, mobile classrooms that will allow more Coloradans to gain the workforce skills needed for success.


HB15-1321 – Flexibility & Funding For Rural School Districts

  • This bill would provide funding to help these school districts with technology improvements and capital expenses.