• County Authority to Designate Pioneer Trail

Sponsored by Senators Grantham and Garcia and Representative Wilson, HB16-1106 gives the county board commissioners the authority include public roads as part of Pioneer Trail.

  • Broadcast Burns Watershed Protection

SB16-1019 adds broadcast burning to the available methods used by the state Forest Service to aid in the restoration of community watersheds.  The primary Senate sponsors for this bill are Senators Jones and Roberts. The House sponsor for the bill is Becker, K.

  • Tax Incentives for Agritourism

SB15-127 would provide tax incentives for businesses promoting agritourism in Colorado and let individuals write off expenses related to the promotion of agritourism. Sponsored by Senator Leroy Garcia and Representative Tim Dore, this bill would help to grow Colorado’s burgeoning tourism industry by encouraging visitors to explore less-visited rural areas.

  • Promote Water Conservation in Land Use Planning

This bill would allow for coordination between the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Local Affairs in order to provide training for local government water and land use planners on water conservation best practices.

  • Instream Flow Tax Credit

Would reauthorize and update tax credit program from 2009 for the permanent donation of water rights to the instream flow program. Providing this incentive has the potential of keeping senior water rights flowing on the Western Slope instead of being sold off to highest bidder.